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Before acquiring, obtaining, or employing any facts, goods, components, or services, kindly scrutinize these Terms and Conditions (T&C) of usage carefully. By accessing the EVOLVE website, tablet or mobile application, or any associated aspect or EVOLVE platform ("This Site"), you approve to become subject to our Privacy Policy and the present Terms of Usage. Should you not accept these T&Cs of Use, you agree to terminate making use of This Site instantly. The terms "Our", "Us", "We", "This Website", and "EVOLVE" all make reference to ULTRA WEB DESIGN Company, and "Your" and "You" both denote you -- Our Website User.

It's important to recognize that we can modify or amend our T&Cs of Use at any given time without notifying you beforehand. These changes will be visible on the revised version of our website as soon as it's updated. It's also essential to understand that these alterations won't invalidate rights or obligations acquired before their implementation.

Once the new version is launched, it takes effect right away. If you keep using the website after these changes were made, that shows your approval of our updated T&C of Use. Nevertheless, if you are not thrilled with the modifications or simply don't agree to them any longer, then we recommend ceasing the use of this site immediately.


This Website is solely an interface, not responsible for any rental product or booking process. It's important to note that we don't set prices, create the service, or offer car rentals - all you do when using this site is connected with a listed provider on our page! So have peace of mind knowing they will handle your booking experience directly without us mediating in between.

Should any misunderstandings or issues arise related to the car rental product or your reservation, you agree that they will be handled directly between you and the car hire company — not the EVOLVE platform. We are here to facilitate the booking process by bringing together a provider that best suits your wants and needs.


This site includes intellectual property such as images, trademarks, texts, software, and other materials that belong to the Car Rental Providers, Our Corporate Affiliates or third-party Licensors. Only for personal, non-commercial use are you allowed to reproduce copies of these materials; in addition, any trademark notices appearing on our Website must be included when printed.

On This Website, you may encounter products or services not provided by EVOLVE. However, these details are solely here for identification; if you wish to acquire more information on them, make sure to contact their respective third-party vendor.

It is essential to be aware that browsing or utilizing this Website does not provide you with the authorization or license to use any of the trademarks, logos, and other marks featured on the site. These marks belong solely to their rightful owners; therefore, it is vital for you to obtain permission before using them in any way.


If you have reached the legal age and can legally enter into contracts, This Website invites you to register as a user. As an account holder for our services, you must keep your login information, account data and passwords confidential. You will be held accountable for any activity concerning your account details – both authorized actions and those not allowed by law – including unauthorized access to booking records. The information you provide must be precise and current; if there are any changes, be sure to update your account quickly. In the event of unauthorized access, theft, loss or any other potential security risk- take immediate action to revise your Personal Details! Taking quick action can help protect against harm caused by data breaches.

If you'd like to get notifications and messages directly sent to your phone, kindly let us know and ensure that your account's contact number is up-to-date. Furthermore, please ensure that you have the latest version of our app downloaded on your device for everything to run smoothly. Take note: we will not be held liable if any unrecognizable devices receive information meant only for registered users. To guarantee your account and personal information stay secure, it is essential to either discard any device that stores data from this Website, move the pertinent details of the device, or prevent access to whatever service or software you had installed. By taking these measures, you can safeguard against potentially illegal entry into your accounts and confidential records.

Accessing services of EVOLVE implies that you are in agreement to adhere to the laws of UAE and your home country, including those regarding international data exchange. Anything other than simply reserving car rentals via our platform requires prior written permission from us; should we discover any such actions have been taken without obtaining authorization from This Website first, appropriate steps will be taken according to the contents outlined within our T&Cs page. Furthermore, you acknowledge and agree to refrain from engaging in the following activities without obtaining prior written consent from EVOLVE:

  1. Using any automated or manual processes utilized to access This Site, other than for personal use or including EVOLVE's pages in search indexes, is strictly prohibited. To extract information from this site - a technique commonly known as 'screen scraping' - is illegal whether intended for commercial usage or not.

  2. Trying to evade, bypass, or breach the restrictions set in any robot exclusion headers on This Site.

  3. Linking directly to any part of This Site for any purpose.

  4. Utilizing on our Platform any software, coding routines or devices that could put unnecessary pressure on our network equipment and computer systems.

  5. Copying, selling, reselling, reproducing, trading, exploiting, or duplicating any part of This Site.

  6. Using any section of This Site for any activity, considering us harmful, illegal, unsuitable, or objectionable, as per our discretion.

  7. Posting or sharing any material from This Site that infringes upon the legal rights of third parties. (Apparently, it is prohibited).

  8. Storing or gathering personal data of any person without their permission;

  9. Using This Platform for commercial purposes.

  10. Sending or publication of any promotional materials or advertisements through This Website.

We may suspend or terminate your access to any part of This Site at our discretion and without warning. Additionally, that option is also available if you wish to delete your account from this site entirely.

In addition, you also commit NOT to:

  • Manipulate any security-related or other components on EVOLVE that prohibit, stop, or restrict the copying of our content and using Our Website along with its contents.
  • Give misleading or untrue information.
  • Belittle or speak negatively about anyone or any content provided by users on This Website publicly.
  • Pass off as any individual or company, and suggest false affiliation with an entity or someone.
  • Promote or incite others to violate any associated statutes, laws, regulations, or ordinances.
  • Seek personal information of third parties or Website users.
  • Spread, publish, and encourage other users to commit acts of violence or unlawful activities.
  • Erase or change any trademark or other proprietary notices that appear in the content of our Website.


We value the intellectual property rights of others and strictly forbid users from sharing, uploading, or transmitting any content through Trips or This Website that infringes on someone else's intellectual property rights. If you notice any infringement of your trademark or copyright, please inform us using the contact information provided in the relevant section.


This Website provides services and content just as they appear, subject to the availability of each item. An automated system is utilized to generate our material; however, errors may arise due to its nature. Your searches will not display all available providers in the local market, and our prices are not necessarily guaranteed at their lowest rate – therefore, keep this factored into your purchasing decisions! KAYAK absolutely disclaims all warranties, including implied or expressed warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, accuracy, title security, non-infringement and other such conditions that may be developed through the usage of trade practices. The scope of these rejections is further broadened to include the maximum allowed by current legislation.


We want to emphasize that our directors, shareholders, officers, affiliates, providers and representatives will not be held accountable for any destruction or harm is done to your computer system or property while using our Website. In addition, we are not liable for other losses, such as claims of injury or delays caused by weather conditions, even though they were induced by carelessness on our part. Furthermore, we cannot be sued nor held responsible for lost profits or savings due to these circumstances occurring when utilizing this site. Regardless of the causes, including delays or failures in booking or reservations concerning our content, trips, and website utilization, we cannot be held accountable for any damages incurred. Remember that certain countries/states do not allow this type of limitation on liability, which means you may still receive some compensation - either partially or wholly.


By agreeing to the Terms, you agree to not only hold us harmless from any losses or liabilities due to your violation of agreements in the Terms, infringement of applicable laws when accessing This Website or Intellectual Property but also Trips. Furthermore, should an accounting or legal issue arise as a result of said violations, you are liable for covering all related fees and costs associated with resolving said issues.


While this Website may include links to external websites we do not own or manage, they are provided solely as a courtesy and convenience. As such, we cannot be held accountable for the content on these Other Websites nor any losses that could potentially arise from using them. We recommend reviewing each Website's privacy policy, T&Cs, and other policies before engaging with it. Furthermore, you must agree not to establish a link between your Website (including those under your control) and Our Website.


To ensure the best service and experience, we reserve the right to modify or update our Terms & Conditions and Website without prior notice. You must periodically review these terms of use for any changes, as your continued usage of this site implies consent. All updated versions will supersede all earlier ones. All alterations to our Terms of Use will be applicable even for those customers who registered before the modifications were made. Additionally, we reserve the right to dissolve this agreement by notifying you in a written or electronic format and cancellation your account if required.

Neither of us is granted the authority to act on behalf of or create a joint venture with one another due to these Terms. You may not transfer your rights under this agreement; however, we reserve the right to assign our responsibilities and privileges without alerting you beforehand as long as it does not negatively impact your rights. This ruling encompasses all patents on This Website and any available features or services.

Even if we overlook a breach of these Terms, this does not mean we won't act on similar or future violations. If any provision in the Terms is deemed invalid by a court of law, it will be enforced to its utmost extent according to applicable legislation; all other provisions shall remain intact and valid. Our Terms, along with any agreements mentioned within them, are the sole agreement between us regarding your use of This Website and Trips. All prior agreements or understandings - whether verbal or written - surrounding the utilization of This Website have been superseded by these Terms.

These Terms and any legal disputes or claims which may arise from them (especially those that are non-contractual) will be subject to the laws of the UAE without considering its conflict law provisions. Any associated litigation using This Website, including Booking or other Our Services, must only occur in Dubai courts (UAE). But consumers need to remember that they can initiate a case against us within their own jurisdiction if needed; plus should also have access to local consumer protection laws applicable at their location.

In the case of any legal disputes that may arise, the prevailing party shall receive total compensation for all reasonable fees associated with said action, such as attorney costs and non-taxable expenses. Moreover, it should be noted that under no circumstances will claims from our terms be pursued collectively - each claim must stand on its own merit.


  • For reservation cancellations made 7 or more days before the trip, you will receive a 100% refund of the rental price.
  • Cancellations made between 3-7 days before the trip will result in a 90% refund of the rental price.
  • For cancellations made 1-3 days before the trip, a 50% refund of the rental price will be issued.
  • Cancellations made less than 24 hours before the trip will not be eligible for any refund of the rental price.


At EVOLVE, we are always delighted to hear your inquiries and feedback regarding our websites. While we may not be able to respond individually, please remember that our team is unable to review any unsolicited suggestions related to the company, such as advertising or product ideas; these cannot be held against us in case of future similar services or products provided by EVOLVE. Please be aware you are accountable for any content you present to us, which includes its exactness, creativity, and ownership. By offering us your Feedback, you grant everlasting authorization to change or reproduce it in whatever way we deem necessary - including business or marketing functions. You give us the power to disseminate, market and redistribute the Feedback around the globe, regardless of whether these uses are for commercial objectives.


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